Sheet Metal

From cutting, bending, braking, shearing, creating complicated door skin beads in the pullmax machine, to complex on off shapes, recreating shapes, convex shapes, and reverse curves. High crown, low crown you name it. 

Have a left front fender and are missing the right front fender to that early 30s Lincoln? Carrillo customs can make you that missing fender. Need a large patch made and welded into a existing rotted out fender. That is something that can be done here.

Have a idea for a perfect early custom car, and need the top chopped and a set of skirts made, with a few other custom mods, heavy or light, that can be done at Carrillo customs. 

All sheetmetal that is welded in house at carrillo customs is 100 percent T.I.G welded. From cold rolled steel, aluminum, stainless and copper.