Josh Carrillo officially started Carrillo Customs on June 1, 2017. However, Josh's love for cars started at a young age, Josh looked at cars as rolling artwork, a expression of ones self. Most of Josh's automotive knowledge was self taught, bits and pieces from dad and relatives, Mr.Wilson the high school shop teacher , and then he met Jerry Sezar of Jerry's Hotrods from Knightsen, CA. At the age of 15. Josh stopped by Jerry’s often, wanting to get a job, but most days was shooed off by Jerry. Finally one day Jerry sat josh down and explained to him the reality’s of the business and what it would take to Pursue a life in it, and that in order to be hired, he needed a real Hotrod (according to Jerry, meant fenderless) and that he needed a education, josh needed credibility. So that’s exactly what josh did...

Two years down the road, with a wyotech education in his back pocket and 1926 t-coupe basket case. Josh returned to knightsen,ca to Jerry’s, only to be greeted by Jerry’s oldest daughter stephany and a closed down shop. Jerry had been burned head to toe in a accident and was hospitalized. But Jerry was no push over, and he kept his word. He heard that josh came by, and Even though could not move his own fingers or body around for that matter, he got ahold of josh eventually and hired him.
Josh worked for Jerrys Hotrods for two years, it was a tremendously tough couple years, Jerry pushed josh to do his absolute best every day and night, the learning curve was tremendous. Carrillo pulled through and will never forget the start, knowledge, and lesson of never giving up. 

Josh made the move to San Luis Obispo County, Ca.in 2007, where he worked and put his time in at various and very reputable shops in the area. Ranging from hotrod chassis building, vintage motorcycles of the board track era and sheet metal forming. His work has been in shows ranging from L.A. roadster show, paso, Santa Maria, Sacramento autorama, Carmel cars by the sea to Pebble Beach. With car builds spread out internationally. 

After 12 years in the business, Josh decided it was time to go for it and open his very own shop, Carrillo Customs. Though Josh has skills in all aspects of the car build. His shop will be dedicated to his favorite part of the build, auto sheet metal restoration and custom sheet metal fabrication, Metal shaping and design. 

As of 2020, Josh decided to add another aspect to his business. Providing customers with quality reproduction and custom hotrod parts. As being in the business for 16 plus years, “there is nothing more disappointing in a shop than waiting on parts that haven’t shipped yet, are out of stock when told they are in stock, or receiving junk.” Josh is aiming to provide just the opposite and standing behind all products with honesty and integrity.